may 19th alright, lauz's birthday is may 24th and she's planning for the first tinychat of the summer! find out more information on this HERE!

may 14th hey guys, make sure you add yourselves to our member directory! i may redo it at some point to make it more detailed, but all of you need to be on it!

april 23rd look at that, lauz made a new skin! yeah, its not summery, but that's ok, right? as always, if you see any issues, let me know. of the months will begin shortly; i haven't decided if i want to go back to the old way or keep going to new way. let me know which you think worked better!

skin, templates, mini profile, graphics, and all coding © lauz. most pixel awards are from pixel joint, tree pixel by dreamer-aruki @ dA and when noted, by lauz. custom forum structure by black @ code. thank you stefan-znr for the code for the member info above post. thanks to multiplicity @ jcink for some javascript sources. as well, the images used are © amy spanos. thank you font awesome for all the cute icons. we are in no way associated with the celebrities being used on this site. a huge thank you to everyone at shadowplay for awarding BR with a runner-up forum of the year award for 2014! it means the world to me. as well, thank you to all the members, past, present, and future, that have kept this site what it is!

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